2014 Golf Equipment Hot List

2014 Golf Equipment Hot List

Every year there is the much anticipated Golf Digest Hot List edition and most people read it if they are in need of new equipment or not.  We wanted to do a 2014 Hot List break down to give readers the general gist of all these great clubs.  No matter if you are a scratch golfer or a 30 Handicap we have golf clubs listed for you.

All golf clubs are listed in alphabetical order.  Not trying to show anyone any favoritism here.  We even added some products that are on our Hot List and we havn’t seen them on to many other Golf Hot Lists like the 3F12 from 3 UP Golf Balls.

Will be updating this article as we get reviews completed and posted.  If there is no link for the club category check back soon.  (Updated 3/1/2014)

Drivers view drivers now

Fairway Woods – view fairway woods now

Hybrids – view hybrids now


–           view game improvement irons (most golfers. Handicap  7 to 25*)

–          view super game improvement irons (Handicap 20 and up*)

–          view player irons (Handicap- Tiger Woods to +10*)

Wedges – view wedges now


-view mallet putters now

-view blade putters now

*all handicap suggestions are very general and we highly recommend getting fitted for any and all golf clubs.

Real Golf Talk wanted to do some reviews of a list of products you might be looking into because you saw a commercial or maybe saw it on the course and got you thinking.  With that said while it is fun to buy new golf equipment, please do not think that any of these products are going to make your game that much better.  It could help some but getting them correctly fit for you is more important.

Many golfers and readers don’t like all the categories that are used in the Hot List which are-

Performance – What happens to the ball when it’s hit by the golf club.  The performance section is rated at 45% of the total evaluation.

Innovation – How the club’s technology advances the category of golf club.  The innovation section of the Hot List is rated at 30% of the total evaluation.

Look/Sound/Feel – What the golfer experiences before, during, and after the swing. This section is rated at 20% of the total evaluation.

Demand– The relative interest in a product and its reputation. Now this section is rated at 5% of the total evaluation and that could still be a little high for what most people are interested in.

Most golfers and readers would like to see that section taken out because they think it is nothing more than a bump for the big companies.  Well as it may seem like that it’s important to know what is in demand out on the course because you might find out about products you had not ever heard of.  So, it’s not just for the companies with the biggest marketing budgets.

Was your favorite niche company or golf club not listed in the Hot List?  Tell Real Golf Talk about it in the comments section below. And please tell us about your experiences with the products we have listed and reviewed.  We hope to help golfers try and find the best golf equipment for their game.

Last but not least we are going to let you know about an excellent golf ball which is not one of the categories listed in the 2014 Golf Hot List. Portions of every purchase go to golf charities, and that part alone is pretty awesome.  It helps to allow kids to get into golf and helping the sport like that is just a good thing.  Check them out, you will love them and be happy you made the purchase!



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