About RealGolfTalk

Real Golf Talk .com began when Jeremy and Kevin; friends, co-workers, and golf nuts, wanted a place of our own to talk about golf – to share opinions, to review golf courses and golf equipment, and to chat amongst ourselves and other like-minded golfers from beginners to enthusiasts.

Both of us were crazy about golf, and knew there were some “golfer” driven websites on the Internet.  After trying a few and getting opinions from golf buddies we realized that there were some great sites but none that really put it all together. There were several that we tried and some that were great but we thought if we had our spin on the ball people would stick, like a nice approach shot for Birdie!

Real Golf Talk.com offers golf news, golf tips, opinions about almost anything related to golf, and a whole lot of real golf talk. We are real golfers with real day jobs that wanted a place to have some real talk with other real golfers. We are not an official golf magazine and may not cover every single story that comes along.  We will talk about a variety of different things and really hope you enjoy our site.  If there are any topics or stories you would like us to cover don’t ever hesitate to Contact Us.  Now go get in on some Real Golf Talk conversations.  And remember to always have fun when it comes to the greatest game ever, GOLF!

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