Fantasy Golf with DraftKings

Fantasy Golf with Draft Kings


Some of the people reading this article might not have ever played any fantasy sport. Maybe you have been part of a fantasy league before but just not Golf. Or you might be someone who has been into Fantasy Golf for years. Well Fantasy Golf is getting bigger and bigger and here to stay and the place we like to play is DraftKings.


At RealGolfTalk we got into Fantasy Golf after we had been playing Fantasy Football for years and years.   With the love we have for golf we started looking into starting a Fantasy Golf league where we played Fantasy Football. The problem with this was that there were no options for Fantasy Golf. Then we found DraftKings, and highly recommend them. So let’s give everyone a break down, or introduction, or refresher, or some well-known knowledge depending on where you are in your Fantasy Golf adventure.

Let’s start by telling you that DraftKings offers a Salary-Cap based Fantasy Golf Leagues. All Fantasy Golf is based around the PGA Tour. Normally contests will be open for registration and drafting of players before the tournament begins which again is normally on Thursdays and run the entire tournament is over which again is normally on a Sunday.

Ok so most of that everyone understood pretty clearly but maybe you don’t know what we mean by drafting players. With DraftKings each golfer participating in the current week’s tournament is given a price value. You have a Fantasy $50,000 to draft your team of golfers.


From DraftKings site:

DraftKings Contest Format

This all sounds great so far and like a lot of fun right? Well we havnt even gotten to the best part yet, and here it is… You can make MONEY! Yep, you heard it here. Make money playing Fantasy Golf!!

Alright, so now we all have an idea of what game we are playing when we talk about playing Fantasy Golf on DraftKings. So now that we know the basics of what type of game is going to be played; how do we actually play the game and what are the rules?


Well how the game is played it pretty simple and very easy to understand point’s system for how to score. You are giving $50,000 in salary to pick your team of 6 golfers. In each game you will have a team of 6 golfers so it’s not always so important to think singularly and pick the winner of the tournament but to come up with a well-rounded and solid group of six golfers.

Here is the way to score in Fantasy Golf from the DraftKings site:

DraftKings Point Scoring

So that is a pretty good introduction / start to Fantasy Golf. If you don’t have a DraftKings account setup yet go ahead and CLICK HERE to join DraftKings and don’t forget to come back to learn more about your new Fantasy.



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