Grand Slam of Golf

The Grand Slam of Golf

In golf there are four majors ever single year; The Masters, The U.S. Open, The British Open, and The PGA Championship.  Real Golf Talk has already given you a breakdown of the four majors and we thought the question might have come up.  “Has anybody won all of them in one year?”

Winning all four of the majors in one year is known as the Grand Slam of Golf.  If you ask most people it has never been accomplished.  Well the modern version has never been accomplished, but the old version of the Grand Slam of Golf has been done once by Bobby Jones.  In 1930 the Masters didn’t exist yet and the majors in golf at the time were The British Open, The U.S. Open, The U.S. Amateur, and The Open Championship.

In 1934 The Masters was founded and that is when the modern version of The Grand Slam of Golf started.  Again, nobody has ever conquered the modern feat.  The closest person to reach the Grand Slam is none other than Tiger woods.  Some even call what he did the “Tiger Slam”.  In the long list of Tiger wins you will see that in 2000 Tiger didn’t win the Masters but he did win the U.S. Open, The British Open, and The PGA Championship.  In 2001 Tiger Woods won the Masters, which gave him all four major titles at the same time.  So he won them all consecutively but not in the same calendar year.

There is really no official definition for the Grand Slam because it is such an unrealistic thought that someone would ever be able to do it.  Well Tiger Woods has shown us all that maybe we should have an official definition because there are golf phenomenon’s that might be able to one day pull it off.

Some people in the golf world also talk about Career Grand Slams.  Basically just win them all at least one time in your career never the less one calendar year.

That is actually a pretty short list as well:

Pre Masters Era –

–          Bobby Jones

Masters Era –

–          Jack Nicklaus

–          Tiger Woods

–          Ben Hogan

–          Gary Player

–          Gene Sarazen

So as you can see it is not easy to win all four of the Majors of Golf in your career.  So Tiger Woods winning them consecutively is really just amazing.  Keep an eye on the Majors and see if someone can pull of a Grand Slam of Golf this year.



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