President Obama spends a lot of time playing golf

President Obama spends a lot of time playing golf. 

If there is one thing that everyone agrees on about President of the United States Barack Obama it’s that he likes to play golf.  Sources say that President Obama has played about 160 rounds of golf since he has been president.

Now regardless of how you feel about him politically you have to appreciate his love for the game of golf.  Now with that said that the President takes average of 6 hours to play a round of golf.  Yes, you read that correctly, average 6 hours to play a round of golf.  If you’re like me you just got a little aggravated just reading that.  Personally I don’t seem to play as well at a crazy slow pace.

Barack recently had a 12 day winter vacation with the family in Hawaii.  Naturally the weather was great in Hawaii so the President knocked down some golf on 7 of the days.

Most courses are designed to be played in around four-and-a-half hours, though the general hope is to play a bit faster. Sometimes a round can stretch past five hours, but only when your group constantly has to wait on groups ahead of you or people looking for balls in the woods. Regularly playing in six hours though?  Brutal.

There are a few thoughts as to why the president takes so long on the course: He’s methodical, he’s not very good at golf or he sees no reason to rush during some of his only leisure activities. The last reason makes the most sense. No matter what the opposition inevitably says, all presidents need a break from the stresses of the job. If lingering too long over a putt is the way to relax, so be it, even though that tactic might anger others on the course who gets backed up because of Obama’s leisurely pace of play.

Another thought is the president’s super amateur golfing abilities but come on it shouldn’t matter. Don Van Natta Jr., an author of a book about presidential golf called First Off The Tee, told the Times that Obama “strives” to be an 18-handicap, which sounds like code for “but he’s really a 22.” Either way, there are plenty of mediocre golfers who play fast and tons of great ones who play slowly. Golfing ability has no correlation to golfing speed.

Obama’s slow play is probably due to a combination of many factors, like methodical and poor play, no real need to hurry and the fact that it’s impossible to compare the average round of a duffer with one played by the President of the United States.

Come on, who doesn’t love golf!

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