3UP Golf’s 2S14 Golf Ball Review

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    Long and straight. Soft feel in comparison to your average 2 piece golf ball.
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    Dont have any cons for any 3UP products we have tested or reviewed thus far.
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    The 3UP 2S14 is a great ball at a great price. If you have not experienced 3UP Golf take our word for it you will be very happy!

3UP Golf’s 2S14 Golf Ball Review

Not too long ago we found a small golf ball company called 3 UP Golf that has been very impressive.  We started out with doing a review of the 3F12 which is a 3 piece premium golf ball.  The golf ball itself was very impressive and holds its own against any premium ball we have reviewed or used at RealGolfTalk.  The fact that 3UP Golf gives $3 from every dozen sold to golf related charities is another part of the company’s model that we really liked.


After being so impressed with the 3F12 we saw that 3UP Golf had released a new ball, the 2S14 and as soon as we heard about it we figured we needed to get some to do a review.  The biggest difference we knew about going into it was that the 2S14 was a two piece ball while the 3F12 was a three piece ball.

We know that when most people are choosing between a two-piece and three-piece ball, golfers often have to decide between distance and feel. With most two piece balls the ball will be longer so you pick up some distance but you lose a majority of the feel you get with a three piece ball on an around the greens.


3 UP Golf has found the solution to this problem it seems with the 2S14 because while you get the distance you expect, you will be surprised with the feel you get as well.

At 3 UP Golf they have a company saying, “Feel what your golf ball is missing”, so it makes sense that they stayed focused on not losing the feel we all crave around the greens.  The 3F12 is excellent for players with higher swing speeds, the 2S14 will work better for golfers with slower swing speeds.  If you have a higher than 100mph swing speed though, please don’t think that alone means the 2S14 is not for you.

The 2S14‘s ionomer cover and soft core combine to provide longer, straighter drives, but have no fear golfers.  You’re not going to see much of a difference between a premium three piece ball and the two piece 2S14 golf ball.


If you’re looking for a great two-piece ball, the 2S14 from 3 Up Golf is a must buy. Pick up a dozen for only $23 at 3 UP Golf.

Let us be a bit frank with you. No matter what type handicap player you are if you have a sub-100 mph swing speed, this golf ball is designed for you. The other great upside to this is you would have a hard time finding a better golf ball at this price.

You can read our full review of the 3UP Golf 3F12 Here.

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