Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Review

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    Given the ability to adjust the CG both horizontally and vertically as well as the loft and lie angle independently makes this driver really stand out.
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    It comes in at a $500 price tag so that stand alone adjustability has a price tag to go along with it.
  • Summary
    The Big Bertha Alpha is packed with innovative features and are more adjustable than any other driver Callaway has released, offering golfers of all skill levels the ability to fine-tune their launch conditions and maximize ball speed and distance.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Review

The Big Bertha Alpha features a third adjustable element that allows the center of gravity to be raised or lowered with its movable heel and toe weights weighing in at one, three, five, and seven grams.  It also has the adjustability of the Big Bertha.

Big Bertha Alpha is one of the company’s most adjustable drivers to date. They use multi-material constructions and two distinct moveable weight systems to offer golfers an unrivaled amount of control over their launch conditions.
The Big Bertha Alpha driver has a moveable weight system positioned in the center of the head called a “Gravity Core.” One end of the gravity core is extremely heavy (12 grams), while the rest of the core weighs a mere 1.5 grams. It sits inside a carbon fiber tube that connects the crown to the sole of the driver and allows the Gravity Core to be inserted into the head with its heavy side either up or down.
Putting the Gravity Core heavy side up in the head will raise the driver’s center of gravity. That’s good for golfers who tend to contact their drives high on the face, or for those who want to add extra spin to their drives.
The Big Bertha Alpha also has two other removable weights. They weight 7 grams and 1 gram, and can be positioned in either the heel or toe of the driver to add draw or fade bias. Additional 3- and 5-grams weights can also be purchased to give golfers the ability to fine tune swing weight.

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