Cobra Fly Z Driver Review

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    Great for golfers from probably about a 5-25 Handicap. Large clubhead and a face that makes the ball fly off the club.
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    Could get a bit indecisive choosing a color.
  • Summary
    All in all it’s a great driver and would not recommend buy a driver this year without giving the Cobra Fly Z Driver a few swings.

Cobra Fly Z Driver Review

This year we have already reviewed several drivers new to 2015 from all the major brands.  We are going to start of posting one of the top contenders for most golfers.  It’s the beginning of the golf season and golfers might be out there looking for a new big stick and if your one of these people make sure you check out the Cobra Fly Z Driver.

This driver is just so good in so many ways and we are going to let you know about some of them here but you’re going to need to swing this thing yourself to really get a full appreciation for it.

To start out with just from looking at it you are going to have many color options available to you from Cobra. (Blue,White,Black,Red,Orange,Green)

Cobra-Fly-Z-Driver-Colors (and Green!)

You’re also going to notice that the Fly Z has a huge footprint.  The large face and oversize frame screams forgiveness, but it’s the internal-weight savings that achieve it. The face, crown and housing for the extremely intuitive eight-way adjustable hosel are selectively thinned. Much of that saved weight is pushed to the rear of the clubs head to give you greater stability on off-center hits and help you launch the ball higher. A channel etched out of the face’s perimeter is designed to increase ball speed which equals distance on off-center strikes, and who doesn’t love the sound of that?

The Smart Pad is a raised area of the sole that sits a little back from the face and allows the head to pivot so that it always appears square at address and helps the large head almost surround the ball.

Cobra Fly Z Driver

Cobra Fly Z Driver Face

All in all it’s a great driver and would not recommend buy a driver this year without giving this a few swings.  The Fly Z Driver will have you hitting the ball higher on average and this new face has the ball speed higher which means you are probably going to be flying the ball a bit further than your used too.  That was the case for one of the guys at RealGolfTalk and the green version of the club ended up going in the bag this year.


The Cobra Fly Z Driver has an adjustable and a golf fitter or a PGA Pro would be able to get your dialed in.

Loft/Trajectory Length Swing Weight Volume Flex RH/LH
9° – 12° (3 Draw Settings) 45.50” D3-D4 460cc Lite-X RH/LH


Another good thing about the club is that it comes in on the low scale of top game improvement drivers at around $329.

Get out there and give the Cobra Fly Z Driver a few swings and let us know how it worked out for ya in the comments section below.  Hit ‘em straight.




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