Mizuno JPX-EZ Driver Review

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    This is a great driver for your average golfer and its adjustable which makes it fit most of the golfers we werent just mentioning.
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    Some people might not be able to figure out how to properly adjust a driver to themselves.
  • Summary
    This is a driver for average golfers or maybe your high handicappers out there.

Mizuno – JPX-EZ

The JPX by Mizuno has been designed to make it easier for average players to launch the ball higher and with less spin.  An adjustable driver with eight settings across three degrees of loft to really be able to dial a golfers swing in.

The club head shape of this club is a little oblong.  A bit flat on the top and long but it looks good it’s not anything that looks huge by any means.   When you are addressing the ball it tends to give you a more confident feeling and also makes mis-hits manageable.  The forgiveness of the Mizuno driver is off the charts.  When you hit the ball almost anywhere on the face it does the same thing, straight and high.  If you’re a player that really likes to shape the ball and play with your shots this might not be the one for you.

If you are interested in getting a Mizuno JPX-EZ you can do so here.

Let Real Golf Talk know what you think of the Mizuno JPX-EZ Driver in the comments section below.  Also you may like to check out another great driver that got a lot of the same results the Callaway X2 Hot Driver.




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