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    Long off the tee and will stick on the greens. Great control
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    You have to plan ahead a little bit because the balls are only sold online. If you are someone who likes to play the same type ball all the time you could run out. (trying to find some con to these)
  • Summary
    Monsta Golf balls are a premium 3 piece golf ball that is long off the tees and spiny around the greens. Oh, and they don't have a premium price!

Monsta Golf Ball Review

At we are all about trying out something new, especially from a startup or small company with a quality product.

So when we saw the Monsta Golf ball eye staring at us online we couldn’t resist trying them out.  Now we are glad we did and wanted to put this review out so that some of our readers can enjoy these new golf balls as much as we do.

Monsta Golf is another small company we have found that can not only hold their own with the big golf ball manufacturers like Titliest, Bridgestone, Srixon, Taylormade, and Callaway to name a few, they can come out a step or two ahead.

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Now let’s take a deeper look into the Monsta Golf Ball.  It’s a premium 3 piece golf ball.  Want to know more about those layers?  Here ya go!

Cast Urethane Cover

This soft and extremely durable material increases spin and performance around greens without sacrificing distance. With the recent changes to USGA and R&A groove regulations impacting iron and wedge performance, this will help provide more ‘grab’ on approach shots.

Middle Layer (Mantle)

Promotes high initial velocity. It also improves the consistency of flight and generates lower spin for longer distances off the tee.

Inner Layer (Core)

Transfers energy from your club providing  greater and consistent ball flight.

Playing the Monsta Golf Ball

When we first took the Monsta Ball onto the course even on the practice green you can’t help but smile a little bit when you see the eye staring back at you.  It’s just different enough and original enough to stand out in a good way.

From the very first tee box I can tell you that this ball is going to go far and rather straight. It almost seemed like a 2 piece ball meant for distance but had a better/softer sound to it off the driver.  The distance beat out the two big brand balls we tee’d off with to compare by about 5-10 yards.  After playing several rounds with the Monsta golf ball we were impressed with the spin rates or lack thereof off the tee box.

Now when you’re hitting your approach shot or a wedge shot the spin that you expect from a tour level premium golf ball come out spinning fast.  The ball gives a good sense of control with your irons so it was easy to be more confident on approach shots.

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I wouldn’t say that the Monsta Balls are better than other premium balls on the market in terms of spin.  If you can spin a ball back, or make it check in two bounces on the green for instance with a ProV1 or a B330 you will get the same response from the Monsta Ball.

One big difference that we found in the Monsta Ball that really seemed to beat some of the other tour level premium balls out there is durability.  The Monsta ball hands down will last longer than most of the other golf balls out there.  You wouldn’t think the ball was as soft as it is if you saw my ball after playing 2.5 rounds.  Actually, here it is.  Take a look for yourself. Looks about brand new huh.

The biggest difference that we found between Monsta Golf Balls and some of the other premium balls on the market is price.  You can find most premium 3 piece golf balls out there for around $45 – $60 per dozen.  Monsta Golf Balls are only $34.99 which is a decent bit cheaper.  If you’re someone who either can afford to play some of the big brand premium 3 piece balls or just want to try something new the Monsta Golf Ball might be a great option for you.

Another thing that is a bit different in a great way about this ball is the company it comes from.  Monsta Golf is a Boston based company and has great customer service.  They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee because that’s how confident they are about their product.  That says something we think.

Get yourself some of the Monsta Golf balls and let know what you think about them in the comments section below.  Use our coupon code: RealGolfTalk and get a discount on your cart total.  This Monsta Golf coupon code is not good when combined with other sales or discounts.  Monsta Golf Balls

Get out there and play some golf!






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