Nike Vapor Pro Driver Review

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    The Vapor Pro driver has a player’s club mentality; it does a decent job of reducing sidespin and covering directional misses—good swings fly arrow straight; reasonable forgiveness on most misses.
  • Cons
    A club that’s probably best for stronger players looking to cut down on spin. Average players and light swingers might consider the company’s Vapor Speed driver.
  • Summary
    A low-launch/low-spin clubhead geared toward better players and faster swingers seeking workability.

Nike Vapor Pro Driver Review

Nike Vapor Pro Driver

Nike has launched not 1, not 2, but 3 models in its Vapor driver range. Why? Well, even though each one is adjustable, the head size and structure is engineered to produce different types of ball flight depending on the player’s swing.

Now this is not based on handicap, but more on launch angles, club head speed and ball spin. The idea is that you turn up at a fitting centre and go through the process and the right club will choose you, instead of you making a wrong decision.

This review we focus on the Nike Vapor Pro model.

Maximum Forgiveness – Covert Cavity Back design redistributes weight towards the heel and toe to maximize forgiveness.

Extreme Ball Speed – The FlyBeam, which acts like an I-beam in building construction, stiffens the cavity in the back of the club while the redesigned compression channel increases COR across the entire clubface. The result is more energy transferred to the ball at impact for more speed and distance.

Adjustability and Custom Tuning – These features significantly enhanced by the new hosel design (FlexLoft 2), which offers five lofts and three face angles with 15 different settings. The new system is just about 30% lighter than the previous model, allowing more weight to be redistributed to other areas of the clubhead for added stability and improved launch conditions.

With the Nike Vapor Pro Driver, the FlyBeam structure, Compression Channel, and NexCOR face combine to stabilize the chassis and maximize ball speed. A Covert Cavity Back design spreads weight towards the heel and toe to maximize forgiveness, and a low and forward center of gravity (CG) produces slightly lower launch and spin.


Additional features:

Pear-shape head design preferred by Rory McIlroy

FlexLoft 2 technology offers 15 different launch options

One-piece forged 1025 carbon steel for unfiltered feedback

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grip


Pick up your new Nike Vapor Pro driver here to save shots on your round and to save $$$.

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