Ping G25 Driver Review

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    There are a large range of lofts available. The sound the club makes at contact is great.
  • Cons
    Not going to get all the swing specific shaft options you can get with the Ping I25 Driver.
  • Summary
    More tour players use the G25 than any other Ping driver which kinda proves the formula of forgiveness and high launch is working.

Ping G25 Driver Review

The Ping G25 has the highest MOI and lowest CG of any Ping driver.  The G25 was designed to launch high, and to deliver a heavier mass without reducing your club head speed with its high balance point shaft.

To give you a little perspective on the changes in Pings G Series we wanted to let you know a little about Bubba Golf.  Bubba Watson won the 2012 Masters using a G20 driver. Forget the stories about touring pros not needing forgiveness. Watson was crazy about his G20 driver, and he said so over and over.

“We don’t like to talk about off center hits,” Watson said, “but when I miss one, this driver saves my butt.”

Next in the evolution of the G series: the new G25.  Watson has switched to the G25, as has fellow Ping staffer Hunter Mahan.

Some of the changes on the G25 line are pretty major and are noticeable.  From address perspective, the size of the driver head is the biggest from front to back that Ping has ever made. It’s still 460 CCs, which is the maximum volume, but the crown was enlarged without increasing the overall size. The result is a powerful look at address.

The large head can give you some serious confidence and on top of that the balance point of the G25 driver was raised even higher than it was in the G20.  If you are a person who believes in back weighting (placing additional weight in grip end of the club) you might love this driver.

If you are interested in getting a Ping G25 Driver you can do so here.

Ping Golf Left Handed G25 10.5* Driver Stiff Flex

Let Real Golf Talk know what you think of the Ping G25 Driver in the comments section below.  Also you may like to check out another great driver the Ping I25 Driver.



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