Ping I25 Driver Review

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    A bit more forgiving and playable than the i20. Might be the best alignment aid on a driver.
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    Some people might want to have more adjustability in the center of gravity placement.
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    This is one hot driver and we recommend you hitting this club as soon as you get a chance.

Ping I25 Driver Review

The Ping I25 features a titanium face and body along with two tungsten weights on the perimeter of the sole to lower the CG and increase forgiveness.  The crown stripe is meant to help golfers line up to their target at address.

The predecessor the i20, and the new i25 features a 460 cubic-centimeter titanium head. The previous versions had a fixed hosel, but the new and improved i25 was designed with an adjustable hosel system that lets golfers add or take away loft in increments of .5 degrees of loft. This driver is compact and extremely light, because the sleeve is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and the screw is made from titanium.

Some other manufacturers offer greater adjustable loft ranges, but Ping always has advocated players get custom fit for every club. The company believes the amount of adjustability designed into the i25 is enough to make it an effective fitting tool.  If you get fit for a club you shouldn’t really need the club to adjust quite so much.

The adjustable hosel system in the i25 is identical to the one found in the G25 and Anser drivers, so that means that golfers who own one of those clubs could un-screw the shaft from their current driver and attach it to a new i25 head to see if they get improved performance.  Now that is a pretty neat feature isn’t it.

To increase ball speed, Ping designed the face of the i25 to be thicker in the center and thinner around the edges.  Your ball will be screaming off this face.

If you are interested in getting a Ping i25 Driver you can do so here.

Let Real Golf Talk know what you think of the Ping i25 Driver in the comments section below.  Also you may like to check out another great driver the Ping G25 Driver.



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