Ping i25 Iron Review

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    Ping has demonstrated with the i25 that a single iron can be versatile, forgiving, and also provides exceptional distance without sacrificing appearance or feel.
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    The Ping i25 irons fall into a specific class of irons, if your looking for that sort of thing.
  • Summary
    Ping i25s are clearly a premier set of irons, perfectly capable and accomplished in what they set out to be

Ping i25 Iron Review

With its new i25 irons, PING introduces a new level of playability and forgiveness to its already impressive lineup.


Ping i25 sits in between the brand new Ping S-Series better player iron, and the super game improvement Ping G-Series irons.  Somewhere in the middle falls the I-Series golfer, who needs more forgiveness than the S-Series iron can provide, but doesn’t want to play a set of irons as large and not quite as workable G-Series.

I did notice that the Ping i25 irons were about 5-8 yards longer than my standard distances with my Taylormade R11 irons.  It wouldn’t be considered a whole club longer but a strong ½ a club longer.  One of the big changes was the distance dispersion between the clubs and any other irons I tested.  With my current irons my 7 iron had almost a 20 yard distance dispersion between mis-hits, average shots, and those shots you just smoke.  With the Ping i25 irons it was more like a 6 or 7 yard distance change between mis-hits and just smooth delicious feeling shots.  Forgiveness seems to really be the place where they seem to shine the most.  They are not the longest club you will hit, or the softest you will hit, or the most forgiving (although close) you will hit, but it could definitely be the best overall set of irons on the market.


The i25 irons are a bit more “custom” off the shelf than most irons mainly because each iron in this progressive set serves a different function. As you look at each iron in this set, you will notice that each iron has a different center of gravity, bounce, offset, and head size depending on what club you’re looking at, but it’s not something that would throw you off at all.


The shorter irons in this set have a more compact head and less offset to allow for more control and versatility. However, as you progress to the longer irons, you will notice that the heads become a little larger and the offset a little more pronounced, allowing the clubs to become easier to hit, which is always something we look for.


The Ping i25 irons fall into a specific class of irons. You’re not buying a full cavity back set, or a full muscle back set, but a set that progressively moves from a muscle back to a cavity back. One of the many reasons we could see such a wide range of golfers playing this iron.


This iron really seems to offer it all.

At the end of the day the i25s are clearly a premier set of irons, perfectly capable and accomplished in what they set out to be – a progressive set of irons that give a little assistance in the long irons and allow for true scoring feel in the short irons. If you hit the ball pretty well, you owe it to yourself to give these a run because even the short irons alone could open your eyes to something great. And if you are one of those low-handicappers, the i25s are a no brainer for your next club testing session – they will perform as well as any other top-tier club, and you could very well fall in love with that signature Ping feel.

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