Review: 3 Up Golf’s 3F12 Golf Ball

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    Great feel and durability with an impressive combination of both short game spin characteristics without giving up much distance off the tee.
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    Minor loss of distance, but thats ok. I'll take 5 yards shorter in the fairway over 15 yards farther in the woods.
  • Summary
    Combine the play-ability of the 3F12 with the company's direction in its charitable endeavors and this ball is sure to find a home in your golf bag for quite some time.

3 Up Golf – 3F12 Golf Ball Review

After much research and testing we may have just found the official ball of RealGolfTalk, and it comes to us from 3 Up Golf.  Their 3F12 golf ball provides a wonderful combination of distance and accuracy off the tee, great spin with lofted irons, a soft feel, and outstanding resilience.  Basically this thing is the real deal and so is 3 Up Golf.

Do you play a ball like the Titleist ProV1 or the Bridgestone B330 RX?  Well we did to and recommend you keep reading about the 3F12.

The 3F12 is manufactured as a three piece cast urethane golf ball which is what provides all the benefits of a three piece ball at a nice price.  At 3 Up Golf, they are passionate about golfers at all levels and the 3F12 will benefit your game regardless of your handicap.

The cover of the ball seems stickier than a lot of other balls and it generates more spin on approach shots and around the green. That gives you the control to get up and down when the game is on the line.

The core and mantle layers are developed to reduce spin off the driver allowing for a consistent ball flight that gives the distance needed. The cast urethane cover creates one of the softest feelings that modern golf balls out there provide.  3F12 is also very durable compared to comparable golf balls.

The presentation of the 3F12 also needs to be mentioned.

Those boxes that golf balls come in and normally end up in the trash or the back of your car, well your not getting those from 3 Up Golf. A dozen will arrive in a reusable velvet pouch with a few complimentary accessories.  Just another nice touch adding to the personal level of service that is quite unlike what we are used to seeing today.

If all of that is not enough reason to give the 3F12 from 3 Up Golf a try, how about this…

Every dozen balls sold 3 Up Golf will donate $3 directly to a golf-related charity.  That means that every time you buy 3 Up Products you’re helping give back to our communities and help grow the game of golf for future generations.  Those kids out at programs like the First Tee Program will really benefit from stuff like this.

Combine the play-ability of the 3F12 with the company’s direction in its charitable endeavors and this ball is sure to find a home on your tee for quite some time.

3 Up Golf also loves feedback on their 3F12 ball so that future releases will be better and better based on what real golfers are needing.

Let Real Golf Talk know what your think about the 3F12 Golf Ball in the comments section below.  Hit ’em straight!



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