Review: 3Bays GSA PRO – Golf Swing Analyzer for Android and iOS

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    Its portable and light weight. Gives you all the swing information you would need to help you get more consistency.
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    The price seems a bit high until you use it for the first time. Then it seems like a fair price you would want to pay again if you had the choice.
  • Summary
    Would recommend everyone give the 3Bays GSA Pro a try. If you have an Android or Apple device 3Bays have you covered.

3BaysGSA PRO (Golf Swing Analyzer for Android and iOS)

3BaysGSA PRO is the world’s lightest and most advanced golf swing analyzer at one third of an ounce. The GSA uses some advanced motion sensors technology to capture over 10,000 data points on each of your swings and provides immediate feedback to your Android or Apple device. The GSA is plug and play technology, just 3 quick steps that take a couple of minutes: Easily apply the GSA to the butt end of any grip, download the free GSA app from Google play or the Apple App Store, pair the GSA with your device using standard available Bluetooth, it’s that simple.

  Andoid Model       Apple Model

Make sure you order the correct model.  Remember that there are two versions of this product!  The Andoid model and the iOS (Apple) model.

The size, weight and location of 3BaysGSA PRO make it rather inconspicuous, free from obstruction to your set up and swing, and it does not affect the weight distribution of your golf club if you were thinking it might add back weighting to the club it really does not.

You can instantly review the swing arc animation playback along with key swing parameters including Club Head Speed, Face Angle, Tempo, Swing Path, Impact Force, and Consistency on the intuitive mobile app. You can also compare each swing with your best swing to make adjustments and achieve higher swing consistency.

3BaysGSA PRO is a perfect golf training aid for all golfers of any skill level. You can use it on practice ranges, golf games, during lessons with coaches, or even at home.  If you put in the time and effort with this golf training aid it will surely help your score.

Quick summary of features:

  • Only weighs one third of an ounce, smartly apply at the end of grip
  • Powered by advance motion sensor to digitize your swing with proven accuracy
  • Provides real-time feedback on your mobile via Bluetooth
  • Provides swing arc animation playback for instant analysis
  • Measures key swing parameters including Club Head Speed, Face Angle, Tempo, Swing Path, Impact Force, Consistency
  • Compares each swing with your best one or coaches’
  • Shares your swing on Facebook, Twitter or via Email
  • Perfect training partner on practice ranges, golf games or even at home
  • A great gift for the avid golfer
  • Free GSA PRO app downloadable from Google play
  • Patent pending

If you have been struggling with your swing and have watched every video on YouTube trying to fix it, and maybe even gone as far as having a buddy record your swing so you can watch it over and over, we might have the perfect training aid for you.  Doing things that way could be hard to really “fix” the issue due to the lack of side by side comparison. The 3Bays GSA Swing Analyzer allows you to watch your swing real time after each swing.

Your initial thought might be that it’s a little pricy, but if you enjoy golf playing the way you have been you will really like it with a better swing.

Go ahead and take a risk and fork out some cash, worst case scenario you could sell the portable swing analyzer if It didn’t do as promised.

This was a breakdown of our initial testing with the 3BaysGSA PRO.  Well we received the GSA and the next day we were on the driving range.   After initial set up, which took less than 3 minutes, we were swinging away and watching our swing right after we hit the ball. The detail in the data might be a little more than you really need to concern yourself with at first, but after a few swings and comparing “best swing” with current swings, we found it is easier to adjust on the fly.

We could see that each one of the shots our random range tester was hitting he was leaving his club face open and coming over the top. We helped him adjust his swing slowly so it wouldn’t throw the analyzer completely off, and before we knew it he was hitting his drives straight.

We hope this saves you some strokes and make your golf game much more enjoyable!  If you do get one and enjoy it as much as we think you will recommend this to all of your golfing buddies and remember to tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Again we are not trying to be annoying but just don’t want you to have any frustration.  Make sure you order the correct model.  Remember that there are two versions of this product!  The Andoid model and the iOS (Apple) model.

Below is a link to both the Android and Apple models from Amazon.



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