Review: Adidas Men’s Tour 360 ATV Golf Shoes

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    Very comfortable shoes.
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    A bit pricey for some people
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    If you are a person that walks the golf course a lot you could really enjoy these shoes.

Everyone knows that when it comes to shoes Adidas has a great product to offer.  Engineered with a revolutionary, patent pending construction to give golfers the ability to attack every shot, no matter how challenging their position, TOUR360 ATV utilizes innovative forefoot flexibility and zonal traction elements to deliver maximum grip, comfort and stability throughout the swing. The ATV’s multiple flex points in the forefoot allow the foot to move and flex in the way it was inherently meant to, and adapt to any surface.  TOUR360 revolutionized golf footwear style and performance expectations when it was introduced in 2005, completely altering the performance footwear landscape with the 360WRAP. Today, the TOUR360 franchise continues to lead the industry with new technologies and innovations engineered to give serious golfers who seek every competitive advantage the ability to perform at their highest level.

Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoe

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