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    Great quality shoe. Holds up to the standards of Footjoy. Does and says everything advertised.
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    With the totally different feel of the shoe there is some second guessing on ordering them. Do it, you wont regret it.
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    If you are looking for a great golf shoe at a great price this is a great one. The low profile aspect is great.

FootJoy M Project

The Footjoy website says “M Project is unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Footjoy”.  I was thinking that might just be a marketing ploy until I tried them on for the first time.  I have never put on a Footjoy or any golf shoe for that matter that feels the way this shoe does.

Footjoy have been around it seems like since the beginning of golf and the majority of their shoes seem to be based on the same type of platform.  Well the M Project are different in a great way so we wanted to do a Footjoy M Project Review to let you know it is worth the try.

I have owned many pairs of golf shoes in my day and every pair have been Footjoy.  Most people if they have been playing golf for a while have owned at least one pair of Footjoys.  Almost everyone says the same thing about Footjoy shoes, they are stable, they last, and when they say waterproof they mean it.   With that being said you can imagine how reluctant I was to try a shoe that was so different.  Wearing a low profile shoe as a day to day shoe is one thing but for golf you want to feel stable.  Well after trying on the Footjoy M Project I was surprised to find out they almost felt as stable as my Footjoy Dryjoy Tour.

The leather on the M Project is very nice and the stitching and stripes on the shoe make it look a bit more “modern” and the low profile is more similar to my everyday shoes so it felt comfortable to walk in.  Now if you are not used to low profile shoes it’s true that you use your feet a bit more and different muscles so it might take a week or two to get used to.  They are comfortable out of the box like almost every pair of Footjoys but if you walk the course like I try to most of the time your feet might get a little tired the first or second time around the course.

Footjoy offers a spiked and spikeless version of the M Project and I was doing this review based on the spiked version.  Some people are really into the spikeless thing but it’s just not for me.  There is something about putting on golf shoes with spikes that tells my brain “ok we are golfing now”.  There are not as many spikes on the M Project as there are on the Dryjoy Tour but the M Project provides plenty of traction.

These are definitely going to be the shoes I wear most of the time now, but during the winter or colder times I could see wearing the Dryjoys.  Overall these are just great shoes, they provide the stability, feel, comfort, waterproof aspect, and anything else the majority of golfers look for in a great golf shoe.  There are several options as we mentioned earlier for spiked or spikeless as well as different color options.  One thing that is a bit different about these Footjoys is that they are sized a bit differently.  I normally wear a 10 Wide in all Footjoy shoes but the M Projects seemed to be sized a bit big so I got a 9.5 Wide in these.  The majority of people tend to find that ½ size smaller than normal is perfect.

Another great feature of the Footjoy M Project is that you can pick them up for about $125 which is good for a shoe of this quality.

If you are interested in getting some of these great shoes we have a couple of retailers with great prices and service.

GolfSmith – Footjoy M Project

GlobalGolf – Footjoy M Project

The Golf Warehouse – Footjoy M Project




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