Review: Footjoy Superlite Golf Shoe

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  • Pros
    Great price for a great shoe.
  • Cons
    Not enough padding around the heel of the shoe in our opinion.
  • Summary
    If you want a great shoe at a great budget price the Footjoy Superlites could be the shoe for you.

The Footjoy Superlite Golf Shoe is a great option for someone who wants a relatively low priced show that is still a great quality.

Everyone knows that Footjoy is a great product for both comfort and quality.  The Superlite is no different.  It currently comes in three different color options.  Black on Black, Black on White, and White on Brown.

Have talked to several people who have gotten several pair of these Footjoy’s and they still rave about what a great deal they got.

If you need a nice pair of shoes and do not want to break the bank or just want another option to wear if you needed a different color shoe or something than make sure you check out the Footjoy Superlites.



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