Review: GOLF PRIDE GRIP New Decade Multi-Compound

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    We were not able to find any cons to this grip. That is a HUGE PRO!
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    There really are no cons but if you had to choose one..... its not FREE.
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    If you are in need of new grips on your golf clubs we would highly recommend giving these grips a shot.

Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Cord Red .600 Ribbed Grip Kit

This review is going to be on a very important part of your golf clubs.  The golf club GRIP.  The golf pride New Decade Multi-Compound is the best grip on the market in our opinion.

This grip features two materials: cord-infused rubber on the upper half of the grip.  This helps you have a bit more control and firmness under your “glove hand”.  It also has a soft rubber on the bottom half of the grip.  The softer rubber allows you to have more feel to it under your “non-glove hand”.  The combination of the two offers durability, comfort and moisture control.  What more could you ask for.

We used the Red and Black option for our photo because that is the exact grip that we did a review on.  There are several color options with this grip.  There is also white-out versions that put white on the top half of the grip.  Golf Pride Multi-Compound



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