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    Great feel to the cover. Gets good spin off the wedges and not a lot of spin on the driver.
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    Not many cons to talk about with the lightning golf ball.
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    You will be happy if you give it a play.

Lightning Golf SmackDaddy Golf Ball

Given the success we’ve seen with other startup 3-piece golf ball manufactures such as 3-UP, it comes as no surprise that we were super excited to test Lightning Golf’s new HL3 SmackDaddy golf balls.

The HL3 is a premium 3-layer ball consisting of a cast urethane cover, mantle layer, and what the company is calling their high energy, “electric” core.

According to Lightning Golf, the SmackDaddy is specifically designed for players with a swing speeds of 92 mph and above and claims to exhibit a mix of great distance, tour-quality feel, and durability.  For the most part we would agree with those claims.  During our testing we found that these balls gave us all the distance we needed off the tee,  great feel off our irons which allowed us to control and work the ball, and allowed us to stop the ball on the green with tour like precision when using wedges and short irons. If you like the Pro V1 then you should definitely give the HL3 Smack Daddy by Lightning Golf a try.


Call it the “electric core” or whatever else you would like, but Lightning Golf certainly got something right when it comes to creating outstanding distance. The HL3 really springs to life when needed, absolutely jumping off the club face with drivers and woods like few others we’ve tested.

Control and Feel

This ball can easily be worked left or right as well as providing you with plenty of green side spin and the urethane cover provides you with a soft feel that allows you to stop it on a dime and putt the ball easily.


Don’t let the HL3’s soft urethane cover fool you, when it comes to durability the SmackDaddy is one tough puppy. The Lightning Golf balls we tested stood up to just about anything we could throw at them (cart paths, thin shots, trees, aluminum siding, etc.) and in the end emerged with just a few nicks and no significant cuts or slices to speak of.


At only $29.99 per dozen with a monthly subscription, or $34.99 per dozen as a one time purchase, the HL3 SmackDaddy is about as competitively priced as anything you’re going to find in the 3-piece premium ball category. The balls can be ordered by the dozen, half-dozen ($19.99) or sleeve ($8.99) directly from the Lightning Golf website.

Lightning Golf also offers a convenient subscription service allowing you to setup automatic monthly or bi-monthly shipments, which can be a big help considering the balls are not yet available in pro shops. Taking advantage of their subscription service will also save you about 15% off the purchase price so it’s a wise decision if you’re playing the HL3 regularly.

You can find out more about the Lightning Golf HL3 SmackDaddy by visiting the Lighthing Golf website or by connect with them via their Facebook or Twitter page.



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