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    Fit and feel. These shoes are like gloves for your feet! Better yet, its almost like playing barefoot.
  • Cons
    Athletic shoes are very new for many of the old school golfers (yeah - thats the best we could do for a CON). Other than that we dont have any other actual negatives to report.
  • Summary
    If you're trying to fine tune your swing, why not do it from the ground up. This shoe is a great start.

“These shoes provide freedom of movement and allow me to release more power through my swing.”Tiger Woods

The Nike TW 13 Golf Shoe has a superior fit, feel, and function when it comes to golf shoes.  They are equipped with Nike’s Dynamic Fit system and Flywire technology for lightweight support and a locked-down fit.  The Nike TW 13s are available in several basic color variations as well as a limited edition pair which features colors inspired by the first Major of the year, the Masters.

Superior Fit

  • Dynamic fit system for locked down fit
  • Adapts to the motion of your foot

Superior Feel

  • More ground feel
  • Release of power on downswing

Superior Function

  • Optimized forefoot and heel traction
  • Controlled power through impact

You want to improve your game?  Then why not start from the ground up.  Get $50 off the Nike TW 13 Shoe











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