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    Comfort. Performance. Customizable.
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    With the number of customizable options you'll likely see hours of your life go by before you're able to decide. Oh, and they are a bit pricey.
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    If you're trying to fine tune your swing, why not do it from the ground up. This shoe is a great start.

In a good bit of timing, Nike and Tiger Woods unveiled the TW ’14 golf shoe during his win at the 2013 Players Championship.

It’s the first golf shoe you can customize with NIKEiD.  This feature is pretty sweet because it allows you to customize your shoe by selecting the color and style of just about every aspect of the shoe.  And while you’re at it why don’t you claim your shoe by adding your name or an inspirational message to the inside tongues – no seriously, Nike gives you that option as well.

The most notable changes to this year’s TW shoes (over previous years):  There’s adding ventilation, and there’s Flywire (those string things) on the sides of the shoe for added supports.  Flywire also appears on many of Nike’s running shoes.



Fine Tune the Traction.  For dependable traction and stability with a traditional TRI-LOK system, select the Spike option.  For a lighter-weight alternative that enhances ground feel and eliminates spike pressure, choose the Integrated Traction option.

Adapt It to Your Conditions.  Choose between two distinct uppers: waterproof and breathable.  The waterproof upper is made of multi-stretch synthetic leather for weather protection and durability, and the breathable upper (available exclusively with NIKEiD) features lightweight mesh to help keep your feet comfortable on hot days.


Tiger debuted this shoe during in his win at the players Championship, wearing white shoes on Saturday and the black ones on Sunday.  There’s also a green-blue that’ll be available August 1.

If you’re trying to fine tune your swing, why not do it from the ground up.




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