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  • Pros
    Great fun and pretty good shot feedback. Year round golfing for the entire family.
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    Lower handicap players will struggle to get used to this product. Better for higher handicap and/or younger players (still a fun product to own)
  • Summary
    Fun for the entire family. Lower handicap players can expect mixed results. Standby for year round golf!

Until now your only option to practice at home has been to hit into a net.  And if you’re practicing into a net, you’re missing out on observing your ball’s flight which means you’re not getting the vital feedback needed to improve your swing.  If you keep this up then you will end up practicing the wrong thing over and over again.  If you practice the wrong thing – you will produce the wrong thing.

This is where the OptiShot Golf Simulator comes in.  OptiShot is an affordable, accurate and portable golf simulator that is designed to be used in the home or office (or anywhere else that you can swing a club).  All you need is a Windows based PC and room to swing your clubs – and if you are trying this in a home with 8 ft ceilings you will need some spackle and a putty knife as well… just saying.

The home golf simulator can be a great option for so many people.  For some people though their spouse or significant other might not like it taking up the space it does.  There are other swing analyzers out there there could fit these people perfectly like the SkyPro Swing Analyzer from SkyCaddie and the Golf Swing Analyzer Pro from 3Bays.


OptiShot Includes:

  • Infrared Optical Swing Pad
  • Replaceable Turf
  • OptiShot Software
  • USB cable (10 ft.)
  • Foam Practice Balls
  • Adjustable Rubber Tees
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Options to play with up to 4 players
  • Great graphics




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