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    It is light, compact when folded, stable on the course, and built of quality materials that should last the average golfer numerous rounds.
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    Honestly dont have any cons for this cart. If we had to come up with one its that most people will need to adjust the wheels to allow a larger bag. Totally adjustable though and not hard to do.
  • Summary
    If you are looking for a cart that sheds size and weight without losing quality, the Sun Mountain Micro Cart will be a favorite for you.

Sun Mountain Micro Cart

The 4 Wheeler golf cart


Someone would have a hard time arguing that the introduction of the Sun Mountain Speed Cart did not change the dynamic for using a cart to transport our precious clubs during a round of golf. With the Speed Cart’s introduction, the days of dragging heavy two-wheeled, often falling over, pull carts around the course are over.

Sun Mountain introduces a cart that deviates from the successful design we are all used to seeing from Sun Moutain.  Enter the Sun Mountain Micro Cart. The MicroCart is not a rehashed version of the Speed Cart, but rather an entirely new four-wheeled design. The MicroCart is not here to replace the Speed Cart, but rather run parallel to it.  Looks like Sun Mountain found a need or section of the golf population  not addressed by the Speed Cart.


The Micro Golf Push Cart

sun mountain micro push cart

Adding a fourth wheel to a pushcart may not seem to be a huge game changer at first glance, lots of things that we encounter each day roll on four wheels so it doesn’t stand out to much to us. When you look at the Micro Cart, you can see that the addition of the fourth wheel allows the carts tubing to be quite different from that found  in the Speed Cart.

Sun Mountain’s website lists one advantage of the design is that the center of gravity of the cart is low to the ground and thus more stable. I did find that the cart is very stable when opened. Once you add a bag of clubs to the cart, it holds its position like a veteran offensive lineman.

It comes standard with a nicely sized storage pouch. It has a couple of compartments for gear, including a zippered mesh compartment that is a pretty nice size. The pouch is sits at the base of the cart, thus keeping the center of gravity low when loaded with gear.

The top console is easy to access, divided into two sections, and also a good size. The base of the console’s interior is padded and non-slip. Outside, at the front of the console are multiple holes to hold tees along with one ball holder cup that doubles as a tool to draw a line on your ball.

The top of the console has a small metal plate and a very strong magnet on a plastic tether that serve to hold both a scorecard and pencil in place. The magnet is very strong and works perfectly and you should not have any issues holding a scorecard in place.

The Sun Mountain Micro Cart is easy

sun mountain micro push cart

The Sun Mountain Micro Cart is quite small when folded, (24.5″ X 16″ X 12″) and light (12.5 lbs.) When the box containing the cart showed up at the house, my brother was sure that the box was too small and too light to contain a pushcart. The compact dimensions of the MicroCart and the light weight are a huge benefit to the user when he or she is taking the cart into or out of the trunk of the car.

Unfolding and folding the cart is a really simple two-step process.  The cart is secured by two bright yellow latching mechanisms. The bottom latch functioned perfectly from the get go. The top latch is adjustable and that is what adjusts the height of the handle.

Folding the cart is also very easy, but don’t forget to make sure your lower pouch is empty and out of the way during the fold.

Sun Moutain Micro Cart Looks

sun mountain micro push cart color options

I like the looks of this cart quite a bit. It does appear more compact than its Speed Cart cousins. I actually find the overall looks of the cart to be somewhat conservative and understated. Case in point the Sun Mountain name near the console is shown via cut out letters that show the colored metal below as opposed to a bright white painted on logo.

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If you decide to get this push cart of you already have one let Real Golf Talk know what you think in the comments section below.  Thanks.





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