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    This is a great premium golf ball for people that do not have Tour swing speeds but its also a great ball for the golfers that do have a high speed swing.
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    They are about $45 for a dozen. But to be fair for the balls in that price range this is going to be one of the best.
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    This year if you want to get some extra yardage on your shots and some control in ball flight give the Taylormade Lethal Golf Ball a try!

TaylorMade Lethal Golf Ball Review


Last night at Golf Galaxy put on a Taylormade R1Driver launch.  They also had the new Taylormade Lethal Golf Ball there for people to hit and also win.  For every yard further you hit the R1 Driver than your current driver you got a golf ball.  With a max of 12 balls of course but I was able to get 6 balls and get them into play on the course today.

With the Lethal golf ball TaylorMade has finally made a golf ball that good amateurs can realistically be out there using.

TaylorMade Lethal Golf Balls

Whilst the Penta was a good ball, most amateurs we had talked to didn’t think it went as far for them as it should. We felt this was really because it was honestly just designed for more of a Tour player who has a much higher swing speed and can therefore get it up in the air easier.

With the Lethal golf ball TaylorMade has managed to get a ball that is a bit more playable for those in the 90-100 mph driver swing speed range as the distance is as good as the market leader. TaylorMade say it will carry as far as a ProV1x but with a lower trajectory for more roll. As it feels more like the low flighted ProV1 anyway then that would be fair.  When I get out on the course if I had to choose between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x it would be the Pro V1x because I happen to like the lower ball flight.  The lower ball flight seems to give me a feeling of more control which is always good.

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When we went out on the course I gave my playing buddy some of the lethals to play with as well.  He normally has about a 90 mph swing speed and I normally average about 102 mph for my swing.  Our thought was that we would have a good idea of an amateur playing with a ball like this.  The feel at impact and around the greens was very good and the Lethal was firm, but still gave the right level of spin on the greens. Putting with it was as much fun thanks to the good sound feedback and feel from most types of putter faces.  We were using a Taylormade Spider and a Scotty Cameron.

The 322 dimples are hexagonal and the seam line goes around the ball in the same position on every ball which has really impressed us. As a result of the dimples TaylorMade say that the Lethal is much better in the wind.  We played today in southern Virginia and it was a bit cold and windy today, but it did seem much better in a normal breeze.

Durability was pretty good as well for a premium ball and the cover maintained its finish well despite a run in with some wedge grooves.  I used just 1 ball until a wedge shot on the 11th hole par 5.

Overall the Lethal is a very good premium golf ball that is as good as the best in the market. Whether you feel it is better is up to you, but we are happy to make the Lethal the first TaylorMade golf ball to really give Titleist a run for best ball in golf.

This is what Taylormade has to say about the new Taylormade Lethal Golf Ball

The Ultimate Tour Performance Golf Ball

Lethal golf ball’s revolutionary 5-Layer Construction, Progressive Velocity Technology and Seamless LDP 322 dimple pattern work in conjunction to promote game-changing performance.

Lethal combines the most penetrating, wind-defying flight of any TaylorMade ball with the kind of greenside feel and spin that Tour professionals demand, making it the ultimate Tour performance ball.

  • 5-Layer Technology promotes optimum spin control off every club.
  • Seamless LDP (Low-Drag Performance) dimple pattern promotes the most penetrating flight of any TaylorMade ball.
  • STA-White™ cast-urethane cover material promotes optimum feel and Tour-calibur spin.
  • Progressive Velocity provides outstanding velocity for any given Swing Speed.

Taylormade Lethal Golf Ball





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