Review: TaylorMade TR3 Speed Sleeve

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  • Pros
    Training with the same clubs you take to the course?! Thats huge!
  • Cons
    Too many golfers are already aware of this training tool which lessens the advantage that it can offer.
  • Summary
    Simple - this is a must own training aid. Period.

TaylorMade TR3 Speed Sleeve

With the TR3 Speed Sleeve, any club in your bag can be quickly and easily turned into a pretty sweet training aid.  Many weighted training tools are available on the market, but few of them are hittable, much less hittable with clubs from your own bag.  The benefits of a weighted training system are simple: increased speed, better tempo, overall muscle strength, and ultimately increased distance on full shots, as well as better control and tempo on chips and putts.  Oh, and don’t forget the fact that you can accomplish all of this with the added benefit of training with the same clubs you will take on the course!

  • Adjustable and fits any club, from driver to putter
  • Increased distance on full shots
  • Easily stores in a golf bag
  • Weight: 228 grams
  • Length: 14 inches



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