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    The lighter weight putter grip allows you to have a softer grip and the larger size takes your wrists out of the putt for a super smooth stroke.
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    Didnt get the Salty put on the putter sooner.
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    This is a really great product and will give you good feel and confidence on the greens. Get yourself a Salty Grip and we dont think you will look back.

Salty Grips Review –

Are you looking to stand out a little bit on the golf course, add some more confidence, and lower scores?  Of course you are!  Check out the Salty Grip.  The Salty Grip is a putter grip that could change the way you feel walking onto the green.

A putter is a club you can have for a long time, and it’s the most personal club in the bag a lot of people say.  It can also seriously impact your scorecard.  While we were in the market for a putter we ran into Salty Grips, and as you can see they’re eye catchers.  The cork reminded me of a fishing pole when I first saw it. You?

So as you can see the grip is made of cork.

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It has a natural color and look to it because it is real cork which means you will have a sustainable product made of wood in your golf bag.  Cork is something many of us are used to seeing on the end of a fishing rod, or the top of a wine bottle. The guys at Salty Grip figured it might work well on the end of a putter.  Well they were so right and it looks pretty darn cool as well.  The cork is harvested from Portugal and finished off into Salty Grips in Richmond, Virginia.

We got a couple of the grips so we could try them out and do a review for all the other golfers out there.  I ended up getting the Mid-Size Plus (we will get into sizes later) installed on my Taylormade Ghost Spider to do this review.

Even the packaging of the Salty Grip is pretty neat.  It comes in a little tube like a cigar or something like that.


Let’s get into installing the Salty Grip.  I could have done it myself but wanted to  take it in and see what other people thought of installing it compared to other  putter grips.  Who better to judge installation than a golf tech at the local Golf  Galaxy.  Well, he ended up wanting to buy one by the time he was handing the  putter back to me.  He loved the look and the feel of the grip and the feel it gave the putter itself.  That is saying a lot I think coming from a guy who installs grips for a living. The best part was that I couldn’t have agreed with him more.

Salty Grip is very easy to install if you just follow the very simple instructions that come with your Salty.  One thing to note is that it is fragile before it’s put on the putter, which is kind of common sense if you had one in your hands because it’s made of cork, but then again some people thought you could bend iPhones not too long ago.  Once it’s on the putter its solid and you have nothing to worry about.

About two hours after it was installed I was on the green and spent about 3 minutes getting used to the feel of it before going out to play a round of golf with some buddies.  The grip doesn’t tapper which was different for me, it’s a bit thicker than I was used to, and it is very light.  So how do you think that round of golf ended up?  Well it ended up being the best putting round I’ve ever had.  Hold on just a second, just like you I thought it was a fluke until I just about duplicated the performance the next two times I played with the Salty Grip installed.  It is almost hard to explain but when you hold the grip the feeling of it is both hard and soft at the same time.  Just seems to feel natural and seems to help in a natural smooth putter stroke.

I was a little concerned how it would hold up going in and out of the bag and other clubs in and out of the bag etc.  It held up great and there are no issues there.  One neat feature of the Salty Grip is that you can scuff the grip with some fine grit sand paper to give it a different feel or to bring it back to life a bit after a lot of use.  Just like a fisherman, or even baseball players.

The Salty Grip is fair priced in terms of golf grips.  Starting at $29.99 for the Mid-Sized Plus – #35.99 for the Jumbo

Some of the other larger putter grips out there are close in price but the Salty grip is seriously a quality product on a whole different level.

Salty Grips are available in 3 sizes.

Mid-Size Plus – 1.15” diameter – 37 grams

Oversize – 1.3” diameter – 44 grams

Jumbo –  1.45” diameter – 58 grams

Custom engraving on the Salty Grip is available for a small fee which is a really cool personalization option.

Again if your interested in ordering a Salty Grip you can use our exclusive Coupon Code: RealGolfTalk and get 10% off your order.

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After it’s all said and done this is a really great product brought to us by a really great company.  It works well and is durable.  If you have thought about getting a new putter grip or getting someone a golf gift we would highly recommend the Salty Grip.  The lighter weight putter grip allows you to have a softer grip and the larger size takes your wrists out of the putt for a super smooth stroke. You should really see an improvement in your feel with the Salty Grip.

Let RealGolfTalk know what you think about the Salty Grip in the comments section below.  Thanks, and hit ‘em straight.



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