Rory McIlroy vs Jeff the Robot

Rory McIlroy vs Jeff the Robot

The problem with a lot of robots is that they normally do not have a sense of humor. Well there is now a robot that can golf and trash-talked Rory McIlroy to almost complete distraction.

If a man named Jeff asks you to join him for a game of golf, you might agree.

What if on the off chance though that Jeff was a robot, and he was on your local golf course.  Well if that happens with the robot you better be prepared to lose a bit of confidence on your “perfect swing” along with some of your mental game cause this robot has attitude.

Jeff the robot is a trash-talking, joyously mean-spirited golfing robot with a pretty much perfect swing to top it all off.

In an ad for the European Tour, Jeff the robot teases two-time major champion Rory McIlroy about his vast new Nike contract, as well as trying to put off his human adversary by remotely moving a target which was pretty witty honestly.

Jeff also confesses to his sexual attraction toward certain kinds of washing machines.  Who knew different washing machine had different sex appeal right.

While Jeff might not be the best golf partner, he’d be a good golfer, know the rules, and always be there with a comment to lighten proceedings.

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