Saving Green on Green Fees

When we talk to people that are not golfers about the game of Golf, money always seems to become a big topic of concern.  There is a stigma around golf that it’s a rich persons sport and that shy’s a lot of people away from ever trying to start playing.  The fact is like everything else if you look in the right places there are a ton of discounts and savings you can take advantage of.

Actually the money topic seems to come up with the golfers that we talk to as well but sometimes for different reasons.  Once you have the golf equipment you need there are always the green fees every time you go play.

So we decided to come up with some ways to save some money on those tee times we all want and need so badly.  We have added a Tee Times section of the website that allows you to get discounted tee times at over 4,000 golf courses.

Booking tee times through our RealGolfTalk Tee Times page is the easiest way to save on tee times.  You can book your tee times 24/7 online and still receive the best rates available.

Depending on the course you are looking for or the specific time available you may not get a huge savings but the convenience is always worth something as well.

Give our discount tee times section a try and let us know what you think.



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