The “Beer Girl”

For a lot of golfers out there, the most beautiful sight on the course isn’t always a drivable par-4 or reachable par-5.

When the intense summer heat hardens the greens, soaks shirts with sweat, and serious cases of cottonmouth set in, “beer girls” are a player’s best friend. Some people call them “cart girls” or “beverage assistant’s”, but we happen to drink beer so they are “beer girls” to us. They cruise up and down cart paths and fairways, or simply park in a number of strategic spots. Think of the cart as a fluid-filled, ice-packed bar on golf cart wheels.

Clearly though, there’s more to it than the merchandise itself.

You have to have a good beer girl but what makes a good beer girl?

First off you have to be around a lot because a beer girl you can’t find is a bad beer girl. The beer or beverages must be cold and it really helps when she has a great personality. A lot of times when I’m on the course it is not my best round ever so some personality helps lighten the mood. It also helps when the golf course tends to hire pretty females, not males, for the roles each summer.

Now we are not being sexist or male pigs here. It is because four of five golfers in the U.S. are men. Their average age is 46. Most are married. Half are white-collar workers. They frequently eat out, and they have at least some disposable income. This isn’t stereotyping it’s the facts that we can find.

On most beverage carts you will be offered many different items. Shot-sized liquor bottles, more than a half dozen brands of beer, soft drinks, water, Gatorade, crackers, candy bars, a hundred pounds of ice, and it’s all for sale.

Always remember that weather you are having a good round or a bad round to always be nice to your beer girl. She is out there to support you and your day at the course.
And a note to the beer girls, when a man calls you things like: Darling, sweetness, kid, kiddo, baby, babycakes, smiles, hon, and sweet thang, or sweetness. It’s all in good fun of the golf course so please do not get offended. Also, if you would like to start doing your job in a swimsuit we will not be offended by that either.

Talking to most beer girls they will make about $60 in tips a day, plus minimum wage.

So that is some Real Golf Talk on beer girls. Have a beer on us and tip well. Thanks!



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