The Majors of Golf

The Majors of Golf

One day playing a round of golf a friend and I were paired with two casual golfers.  During the round we explained that two people from Real Golf Talk were going to The Masters and that we gave away some tickets to two of our members.  One of the casual golfers asked why The Masters was such a big deal.  After the shock look wore off my face I started explaining the 4 Golf Majors.  That is when I realized that some avid golfers know about the majors inside and out.  But some casual golfers or golf fans just don’t know and honestly it can get a bit confusing.  So here is a breakdown of the 4 Majors in Golf.

Trophies from left to right: Masters , U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship

First of all; there are four majors that happen every single year.  The first major every year is The Masters.

The Masters is the only major tournament that is hosted at the same golf course every year.  Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia is the home of The Masters.  The entire tournament is run by the green jackets.  The green jacket is a very sacred thing at Augusta National, because only members of the Club and people who have won the tournament are able to have one.  The Masters along with all of the other majors are co-sanctioned by the PGA Tour making them all official events.  The tournament happens every year on the weekend ending the 2nd Sunday in April and is played at Augusta National Golf Club.

The U.S. Open is at a different golf course each year, and yes they do go back to the same courses just not two years in a row.  The U.S. Open is ran and governed by The United States Golf Association better known as the USGA.  Every PGA event, and all of the majors are governed by the rules of golf set by the USGA.  The tournament happens every year on the weekend ending with the 3rd Sunday in June and is played at various locations in the U.S.A.

The Open (known in the U.S. as The British Open) is governed and run by The Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews better knows and the R&A.  The R&A used to have its own set of rules for both the game and the equipment that could be used.  Thankfully for the international sport about 10 years ago the R&A jointly governs with the USGA.  The tournament happens every year on the weekend containing the 3rd Friday in July and is played on a links course at various locations in the U.K.

– The PGA Championship is governed and ran by the PGA of America.  Now you might be thinking to yourself PGA of America, PGA Tour, are the same.  Well they aren’t and here is why.  The PGA of America is the governing body for all golf clubs and teaching golf professionals.  Like the PGA Pro at your local golf course.  The PGA Tour is the governing body of touring golf professionals.  The tournament happens every year on the 4th weekend after The British Open and is played and various locations in the U.S.A.

Hopefully that gave everyone a little better grasp of the 4 majors in golf.  So go ask a friend or fellow golfer what the 4 majors are and see if they know.  Dont forget to let them know to check out Real Golf Talk for other great golf information, and for those of you wondering if anyone has ever won all of the tournaments that would lead us into the Grand Slam of Golf.



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