The Masters

The Masters is one of the four major golf tournaments.  It is the only Major that is hosted at the same golf course every year.  Augusta National Golf Club is a private course in Augusta, Georgia.  The Masters is an invitational but is co-sanctioned by the PGA Tour making it an official money event.

The Masters Tournament takes place every year on the weekend ending the 2nd Sunday in April.   There are other great traditions at Augusta National including the green jacket.  Not only is there a healthy cash prize for the winner, but there is also a green jacket that is presented.

The Green Jacket has been presented ever since 1949 when Sam Snead won his first of three Masters tiles.  Naturally with almost everything at Augusta National there are rules to the Green Jacket.  The green jacket or sport coat is the official attire worn by the members of the Golf Club.  When you win the Masters you become an honorary member of Augusta National Golf Club.

Only the reigning champion can take the jacket away from club grounds.  After one year your jacket is held at the club for you to wear whenever you come.

As we said earlier The Masters is an invitational so it has a slightly smaller field than the other three major tournaments.  Normally there are about 90 golfers that participate in the tournament every year.  Invitations are given out mainly by a criteria that is published so that we can all see who is going to be in the Masters that year.

Since 2010 at least one of the following criteria has to be met.  For many of the top players in the world they meet the criteria on several points.

  1. Masters Tournament Champions (Lifetime invitation)
  2. U.S. Open Champions (5 Years)
  3. The British Open Champions (5 Years)
  4. PGA Champions (5 Years)
  5. Winners of The Players Championship (3 Years)
  6. Current U.S. Amateur Champion, and runner up (1 Year)
  7. Current British Amateur Champion (1 Year)
  8. Current Asia-Pacific Amateur Champion
  9. Current U.S. Amateur Public Links Champion
  10. Current U.S. Mid-Amateur Champion
  11. The first 16 players, including ties, in the previous year’s Masters Tournament
  12. The first 8 players, including ties, in the previous year’s U.S. Open
  13. The first 4 players, including ties, in the previous year’s British Open Championship
  14. The first 4 players, including ties, in the previous year’s PGA Championship
  15. The top 30 leaders on the Final Official PGA Tour Money List for the previous calendar year
  16. Winners of PGA Tour Regular Season and Playoff events, from the previous Masters to the current Masters.
  17. Those qualifying for the previous year’s season-ending Tour Championship
  18. The top 50 leaders on the Final Official World Golf Ranking for the previous calendar year
  19. The top 50 leaders on the Official World Golf Rankings published the week prior to the Masters Tournament. As you can see it is not that easy to get to play at the Masters.  Augusta National Golf Course is known around the world and immaculate.  The crowd gets into the game and it is said that the pressure can be felt in the air at times.  There are golfers who are able to play in that pressure and pull it off becoming one of the few Masters Tournament Winners. 

Have you been to the Masters or would like to go?  Real Golf Talk us about your Masters experience in the comments section below.  Tell us who you think is going to win the Masters this year.



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