Vijay Singh sued the PGA Tour – Deer Antler Spray

Vijay Singh sued the PGA Tour because of the Deer Antler Spray issue on Wednesday.  This is coming one week after his doping case with the Tour was dropped.  The lawsuit is claiming the case has damaged his reputation by not doing a thorough enough job researching his use of deer antler spray.

Singh hasn’t been saying much but he did say, “I am proud of my achievement, my work ethic and the way I live my life.” “The PGA Tour not only treated me unfairly, but displayed a lack of professionalism that should concern every professional golfer and fan of the game.

Vijay filed the lawsuit where he has a home and the tour has an office as well, good ‘ol in New York.

The lawsuit says the tour notified Vijay Singh on Feb. 19 that he was to be suspended for 90 days. Naturally Vijay didn’t think he had broken any rules so he appealed. Last week,  the commissioner Tim Finchem said the tour was going to drop the case based on new information from the World Anti-Doping Agency. WADA had informed the tour that using deer antler spray was no longer prohibited because it contains such minimal amounts of IGF-1.

The lawsuit says the tour relied on WADA’s  list of banned substances and methods.  But they did not do any of its own research.  Not even to see if the substance was proven to provide any performance-enhancing benefits.

Personally I think that Vijay was taking it because he was hoping that it would be enhancing performance.  The tour made a mistake thinking it would because it was on a list of banned substances by the people that specialize in banning substances.  It does not seem like much blame should be put on the PGA Tour.  It does not seem like they were trying to be malicious at all.  They seemed to have just been trying to keep things as fair and honorable as possible.

Let Real Golf Talk what you think about Vijay Singh suing the PGA Tour.  And dont hesitate to tell us what you think about deer antler spray in general.



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