Welcome to Golf 2016

Welcome to Golf 2016


Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Golf in 2016. There are many anticipations and questions going into 2016 for golf and we are going to first talk about some things we know are going to happen and give you some of our opinions and hopefully get your opinion on some as well. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below about any of our predictions for golf in 2016 or if nothing else just to add your opinion to Real Golf Talk.

Men’s Golf Major Championships 2016

So where should we start. Let us begin with a few things we know are going to happen. The men’s golf majors of 2016.

Starting out we have The Masters which will know will be at the one and only Augusta National Golf Club. The tournament will take place this year from Thursday April 7th to Sunday April 10th. Jordan Spieth is the reigning champion of the Masters and has a really good chance to go back to back in our opinion as he is not only the #1 ranked player in the world but also one of the hottest players week in and week out.

Next in line is the U.S. Open Championship which will be played this year at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, PA. The tournament this year will be from Thursday June 16th to Sunday June 19th. The reigning U.S.Open Champion once again is Jordan Spieth. Again it would not surprise us or anyone else for that matter if he put his name on the U.S. Open trophy again. As you might begin to realize it is not going to shock us at all if Jordan Spieth wins any or all of the majors championships in 2016.

After the U.S. Open we will cross the pond and the Open Championship 2016 will be held at the famous Royal Troon in Scotland. Last year the Open Championship was held at the infamous St. Andrews and won by Zach Johnson. The 2016 Open Championship will be from Thursday July 21th to Sunday July 24th. We have talked about Jordan Spieth and Zach Johnson and a little later we will talk about some other guys we could see winning a major championship like the British Open this year.

When the third Major of the year is done its quick trip back over to the United States for the last and final major of the year. The 2016 PGA Championship from Thursday July 28th to Sunday July 31st at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey. The PGA Championship will go down on the Lower Course of the Baltusrol Golf Club.

The 2016 Olympics

Most of the major championship information you already knew about minus maybe the venue of some or the particular dates.   You knew though that those 4 Majors were going to be happening like they do every year. Well this year what we think will be another form of a major championship showing its head for the first time in 112 years in Golf being represented in the Olympics.

The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the things making this Summer Olympics a little special is that it is the first time since the 1904 Olympics that will showcase the great game of Golf. This year golf will be represented by no more than 4 golfers per country in a 72 hole stroke play tournament. The Men will compete August 11th to August 14th 2016 and then a week later the Women will compete from August 17th to August 20th 2016. You can be that golfers all over the world are looking forward to being able to represent their country in the 2016 Summer Olympics and have big plans on coming home with the Gold.


Let Real Golf Talk know what you think about the Major Championships as well as the 2016 Olympics in the comments section below. Have a great day and hit em well. RealGolfTalk!



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